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Train Simulators

I have had a long interest in trains, computers and Japan. Here they all come together with reviews and information on Japanese train simulator computer programs. The information is in English with links to and into various Japanese game web sites.

Japan Australia Friendship Association

I maintain the web-home of this South Australian cultural and social association. Learn all about Japan and Japanese culture in South Australia.

Brougham Place Uniting Church

I also maintain the web-home of this North Adelaide institution. It runs MediaWiki software.

Kodomo no Hi

Each year I demonstrate train simulators at the Japan Australia Friendship Association Kodomo no Hi (Children's Day) Celebration. This page details the software used and links to associated sites including paper trains.


After a gap of many years I visited the model steam trains at Millswood. This page answers the questions you might have when visiting for the first time in a while.

Ruth Sims Blog

Articulate blog

Mediumtown Blog


Bushfire evacuation

I've commenced a PhD on transport aspects of bushfire evacuation. Please visit my university home page for publications and progress on this topic.


I've got a PDA and a number of things don't work. Here are some notes and deeplinks to do stuff.


An archive copy of my (late) father-in-law's website that was at

Robots experiment page

A page for robots to spider.

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